Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updates and Schtuff

This Blog was supposed to be about my adventures in writing my book, and to an extent it still is... I haven't given up on it... but it seems like life has taken me on a completely different path, and so that's what I've got to update you about! I know, right? You're like OH so excited.

Let's start with the Bad. The new guy. The new guy... sucks. It has been 7 weeks, he's missed 5 shifts, and he still doesn't know anything. The guy is a waste of matter, and frankly, he's killing me. HE'S KILLING ME. I've been looking forward to this move for almost 2 months now. Well, here's the most recent update. Two weeks. We have to give the guy two more weeks and then he's either good enough or he's gone. Judging by previous experience with him, it's looking like he's gone. THEN, the hiring process starts anew. This is bad news bears, people. As we inch closer and closer to Comic-Con, I'm getting more and more worried. If they don't have someone trained and ready to go, I'm afraid they are going to try and revoke my vacation time. I wouldn't completely blame them, because this place would fall apart down two dispatchers, but that doesn't mean I won't be completely and utterly pissed. Borderline quitting pissed. I'm just going to hope that it doesn't even come up. Because I don't want to miss Comic-Con. For anyone who may be reading this who may be worried if I miss Comic-Con too, don't worry... I'll still hold up my end of the hotel, etc. Just because I might get effed in the A, doesn't mean everyone should.

Now for a merrier subject... youtube. Remember that one time I mentioned it? Well, I finally got my channel up and running and posted my first Call of Duty: Black Ops Commentary. I honestly don't know how you advertise yourself on youtube to get views and subscriptions, but I feel like my showing for my first video has been decent. I'm already up to 10 subscribers! The feedback has all been positive, so I'm pretty pumped about it. I'm going to most likely be posting my second video tonight. Youtube is one of those things where you have to stay active, or you'll fall to the wayside. It's actually far easier than I thought it would be, once you've got the basics figured out. The real issue is how much time it takes to Render and Upload a video. The good news is, that time will be well spent in writing, when my shift has finally changed.

Once my shift has changed, everything will fall into place, I promise. Meanwhile, I'll keep the updates coming, and feel free to check me out on Youtube.com/SecondRateGamer. Until next time...

Dream Big,


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  1. I so get the work thing there switching me to a new instrument to where I would no longer have to work late on Fridays BUT I've been training the person to take the instrument I've been on for over two months now and he's still not up to running short holds which means I'm now doing both instruments and still working late on Fridays :/.