Dream Quest

Dream Quest is a concept created by Ian-Christian Jones in the Spring of 2006 while sitting on the toilet, musing about the mysteries of the Universe and the wonders of life on the planet Earth.  It is a duel-concept Science Fiction and Fantasy story based in both the city of New Athens, set hundreds of years in our future, and the mystical world of Aspera, a medieval fantasy realm of magic.  Originally, Dream Quest was designed as a Role-Playing game for a post-by-post forum, but over time it became clear that the story would only reach it's full potential in novel form.

Though the first Dream Quest novel is still in it's infancy, the worlds that the story visits have been given years of detail by the book's author.  The people of New Athens and Aspera have been well developed.  The classes and creatures vividly designed.  Dream Quest is the love child of Ian and his vast ego, and we look forward to introducing it to everyone.