Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Storm to Weather, then...

Good times! Haha. The title says it all, I think. Well, maybe not ALL all, but you know what I'm saying. I've got a tumultuous couple of weeks ahead of me. Aside from the fact that we still haven't filled the graveyard position, further delaying my shift change, another of my coworkers put in her two weeks notice just under two weeks ago. Tomorrow is her last day, and after that I'll be mostly on my own. On my own, performing the job of three people. My stress levels are going to go through the roof, and in preparation of this, I retired from my stint as a Youtube Gaming Commentator. I have to say, it's bummed me out a good bit. I just knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with it since I will be getting off work every day and going into a mental coma. The outlook has been incredibly bleak.

Until this Monday. Sure, the storm is still going to hit and hit hard. it's going to suck a lot. BUT they already got BOTH positions filled. BOTH people passed their background checks and BOTH have over 20 years dispatching experience. As a result, it's looking like there is an end in sight. Barring these people being total failures, which doesn't look to be possible, I should FINALLY be moving into my new shift by the beginning of September. I have to say... I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED!

Haha. I don't care how rough the coming weeks are, the outlook of finally getting to move has bolstered my spirits beyond words. There is a pep in my step that hasn't been there in a long time. Finally... FINALLY I'll be able to get my life on track, and so you know what that means?

DO you KNOW what THAT MEANS?!?!?! :)

The dust is going to get wiped off of Dream Quest. The meter is going to start moving again, and the Blog--yes, this blog--is going to start getting regularly updated again. So if you're still out there, wondering when I'll finally get my act together, now you know. So give me a high five, people! It's time! So wish me luck in the coming weeks, and keep your ear to the ground, because it's coming. Until then...

Dream Big,


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